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One-On-One Tutoring

Serving South and Coastal Orange County for the past 14 years, One-On-One Tutoring is committed to providing expert tutors in order to deliver focused instruction to students in their homes at reasonable cost. Academic tutoring can make the difference for a struggling student. We only provide the highest quality instruction, as well as caring individuals who want to help your student succeed. There are currently tutors available across the curriculum, specializing in a wide range of age and grade levels. Additionally, several of our tutors are fully credentialed teachers, able to manage and support curriculum in order to provide the structure and oversight necessary to promote student success.

Rate: $50 per hour

*Please call for a free consultation regarding your student and how we can help. (949) 285-8619 or


2070 Business Center Drive, Suite 275

Irvine, CA 92651


Mon-Sun by appointment

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