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“Both my sons have studied under Chris' tutelage and have excelled in their academics. Chris and his staff can help with all subject matter, and the students receive a great deal of individual attention that they would not normally receive."

Mitch Bridge-Parent/Coach

"As an Academy student, I have been able to excel at my studies while training full time at a tennis academy. Chris and Karthik have helped me get through the tough spots this year with their expert instruction and experience which has allowed me to pursue my dreams outside of the classroom."

Dante Saleh- Student Athlete

"With two children (5 years apart in age) both under independent study programs, One on One Tutoring and the Academy Learning Center have been instrumental in assisting us with the administration of each of their respective programs. Since public school systems have experienced huge budget cuts individual attention has been left up to the parents to accomplish. Since both our children have such a wide gap in studies, it has been very important for us to ensure that they both get equal attention. Chris, Karthik and the rest of the staff have accomplished this goal without hesitation, or issues."

Terek Saleh - Parent

"While attending the Academy Learning Center, my son was able to finish up his diploma requirements and is now doing well in college. The extra support given by Chris and his staff made a huge difference."

Alan Beneventi- Parent

"I have spent the last three years attending the Academy Learning Center while pursuing my dream of playing hockey in the NHL. Education is a priority in my family, and the Academy has helped me to maintain my studies while training full time."

Eric Comrie- Student Athlete (Recently drafted to play in the NHL)

More Parent/Student/Teacher Testimonials Coming Soon!

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